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Ways To Win The Speed Test With A Faster WordPress Site

Are your WordPress loads slow? Still thinking about winning all the speed test well, this is not a good idea at all. Because to win a website speed test your WordPress site must be compatible to clear all the speed test in one go and for this reason, it must be blazing fast in a way to reduce the loading time frame of your web page. I know its quite technical to understand because it is not that easy to implement the development strategies over a WordPress site by making it able to win all the online website speed test. 

The first thing that clicks in mind is that what is the online speed test that your WordPress website needs to qualify? If you are also thinking the same then you just need to understand the mega tools of website speed test by Google at the initial stage in order to clear your concepts regarding the online website speed test. 


It is the most reliable and well known online tool to calculate the actual speed and performance of the web page loading of your WordPress site. Basically it is a platform that helps you to show the reasons behind your slow website and generate the opportunities to optimize your WordPress site.

Google Page Speed Test: 

Google Page Speed Test is a webmaster central tool from Google that helps to analyze the content of the web and generates multiple suggestions to correct it in order to speed up by increasing it’s loading time.

Google Page Speed Insight:

 It is the foremost option to analyze the loading time frame of your WordPress site that any service provider could offer on the same platform. and you can also see the ranking of your website speed at the global platform in no time

Pingdom Speed Test:

It is a website monitoring tool that supports to analyze the speed of your WordPress site and suggest the actions to make it faster. 

However, we have come up with a perforated checklist that is officially approved by the top class WordPress first and the experts of the IT industry. With the help of this following checklist, you may easily get a hold over your WordPress site speed audit and could manage to pass all the online speed tests in all aspects. 

  • Minimize the first byte of your WordPress site yo make it run smoothly.
  • Reduce your server response time in order to reduce the overall loading time frame of your webpage.
  • Choose the right hosting option through which you may get a surplus in Shared hosting, VPS hosting, and Dedicated server.
  • Run a compression audit in order to optimize all the particular files at your site that consist of a large amount of data.
  • Enable your browsing catching without sending any further requests to the HTTP server.
  • Optimize every single image that is present over your website so that a compression audit could work effectively. 
  • Validate your content through a proper channel by CDN with proper security as it helps to improve the load time of your WordPress site. 
  • Verify the CSS delivery in order to reduce the size of the utilized code in the style requirement of your website within a short period of time.
  • Decrease the overall redirects at your earliest by eliminating the broken links while deleting the unnecessary pages over your WordPress site.
  • Delete every single external script from your site as it leads to slow your website while loading.
  • Monitor the overall mobile page speed after an interval of time in order to estimate the response of your site over small screens. 

In the end, we hope that your WordPress website would surely clarify every single online speed test after implementing the above-mentioned guidelines. If in case you get stuck at any point or your website becomes unable to clear all the online speed test that helps to create its credibility among the customers and the relevant competitors don’t get panic and seek professional help in this regards.

 Meanwhile getting an expert’s support always remembers one thing that spends your money on the outclass service provider that ensures the on-time delivery of their task by implementing the proficient strategies to reduce the time frame of your WordPress site within 03 seconds. 

Till then stay tuned with us and keep a comment below to share your reviews on the above context and don’t forget to bookmark us. In order to get more relevant updates in the future as we are here to provide the most significant information to you.