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Why Your Confidential Emails Are Going In Spam Folders?

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Finding your professional WordPress email into the spam folder is something that ruins all the ethics in one go. Although WordPress is the main core to support your virtual business in all aspects without any hustle. Perhaps this fact there are a number of factors that could actually be based upon these kinds of issues. Including spam email, SEO optimization. loading of the page, theme update, and so on. However, if we say that all from these factors one of the most irritating and exhausting factors is spam email. Then there is nothing wrong to say this because this will create a negative and irresponsible impression over the clients.

email box

Therefore, if you are also thinking that why your confidential emails are going in spam folders? We have just created a list of main reasons that are actually drawing back your email folders to the spam. Here, are the following on which you must keep your eye.

Inaccurate Sender Information:

Facing trouble in your email collaboration over WordPress right? Then there must be inaccurate sender information that is actually clashing with your site. This includes from, to reply, and so on factors that lead to spam folder instead of inbox.

Usage of Trigger Words:

Most of the time the email contains spam triggers word also lead to land in the spam folder or email hack. Therefore, you must avoid these words to fill up the gap between your end-users. i.e (click here, turn on, winner, join us, order now). in order to avoid the risk of spam email, you must avoid the usage of mentioned spam trigger words.

spam email fix

Address Not Found:

The main reason for spam emails is the absence of a physical address on which the particular email has found. That’s why while sending the email to the specific server or via website always make sure to use the correct physical address. If the email is showing that “address not found” then you might resolve this first.

Over Attached Email:

All the documentation or the cover letters we usually attach in the email also act as a barrier in the communication with end-users. Although its a part of the ethical or professional way of sending an email but most of the time it may also trigger to push your email into the spam folder.

Unknown Subscribers:

Last but not the least thing is that your subscriber actually doesn’t know you. In a sense, their mailbox won’t allow your email to land in the respective section of the inbox. Therefore, they usually find your confidential email into the spam folder without knowing that.

mail checking

At the end of the article if you guys still facing the same trouble then make sure to comment below. In order to resolve this issue, you may also get professional help from the experts of the industry likewise:

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